Art Recipes for Kids?

book_art recipesThe holidays are always fun in the Rolston family, this year was no exception. I have a few good stories to share this week about my time in the Okanagan.  This holiday I was given some books that belonged to my Aunt Ruth. Among them was this book of ‘art recipes’ from the 1960’s. I was excited at the idea of trying some of these recipes…until I got to the modeling clay section.

book_modelingThe standards were all there, clay, paper mache, play dough…but it was the recipe on page 34 that really caught my eye!

book_asbestosHmmm…nothing like sculpting with a little bit of asbestos to really make your day complete. I won’t publish the actual recipe, but maybe I’ll be able to share some of the other non-toxic ones later.

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