Buckley part II

I was at the dentist yesterday morning and after, my teeth hurt all day. Look after your teeth! I haven’t been kind to mine, going so far as to have one knocked out playing hockey! Ok, that’s my lecturing for today… The original “Daily Dragon 36 – Buckley” called to be coloured. It’s always fun to go back and polish these dragons up a bit. This one called for a little more attention. The original sketch took up the whole two pages of my sketchbook, so I really needed to start fresh with Buckley’s environment.

At first I planned to have the dragon peaking out from a cave high on a moutainside, but I wasn’t really feeling it with the small sketches. After a few experiments, I found that the idea of Buckley deep in his cave worked for me.

Of course the cave wouldn’t be complete without the skeletal remains on the ground. I still wasn’t happy with the ground though, and in the end felt that the green mist was what the cave needed.

I think this is my new favourite dragon!

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