Canucks vs Detroit

Canucks_01This year for Christmas, my brother gave me tickets to a Canucks home game of my choice. Since the Olympics put the Canucks on the road for a record long road trip after Christmas, my choices were limited. Finally last night, Karen and I took in the Detroit game!


Members of the Women’s Canadian Gold medal team were on hand for the game. They were honoured as highlights of their Olympic experience was played on the big screen during the singing of the national anthem.

Canucks_02I had the video running during the anthem, just to try to capture the volume of being in the middle of it. You can watch the anthem here. (I apologize for the sound, it was a little loud for my little camera, and for the jumpiness of the video, I wasn’t watching what I taped)

The game started out great, the Canucks took a 2-0 lead in the first period. (Wellwood and O’Brien scoring for the Canucks)

Canucks_03The second period wasn’t so great. In under a minute of play, the strangest plays I’ve ever seen in professional hockey resulted in a collapse by the Canucks, and the game was tied.

First, with Luongo down, the puck hit the defenceman standing at the post. It dropped between his feet, he spun around in a least a full 360 looking for the puck but couldn’t find it sitting between his feet.

On the big screen, you can see the puck sitting there with no one near the Canucks defence. But before he could find it, Detroit was able to get there and bump it into the net.

Canucks_04Four seconds later, after the face off at center ice, Pavel Datsyuk stepped over the blue line and fired on net. I personally think Luongo was still watching the replay on the big screen over center ice, and didn’t see Pavel shoot until it was too late…and now the game is tied.

Canucks_05Daniel Sedin tied it up in the third, and it went to overtime. With the seconds ticking away, Christian Ehrhoff broke his stick and was forced to keep playing without one. Without a stick he was unable to take the puck away from the attacking Detroit player; who with 0.2 seconds left, put the puck passed Luongo to win it for Detroit.

This guy’s look says it all…

Canucks_06All in all, it was a very entertaining game…right down to the army of Mike’s Hard Lemonade ice cleaners that would come out every tv commercial break, and scrape the entire ice from blue line to the boards behind the net. The last time I was at a game I swear there was maybe half the amount of ‘ice cleaners’ coming out, usually scraping around the posts to make sure the goalie wasn’t piling up snow to stop the puck…this game I thought they wouldn’t need to flood the ice between periods with the amount of scraping this army of cleaners was doing.

Canucks_07To catch two of the funniest things that happened, you had to be paying attention to the big screen over center ice. First, as they announced the starting line-up for the Canucks, they put the images of the players up on the screen along with their stats. They got to Daniel Sedin, his image and stats showing for all to see. Then for his twin brother Henrik, they changed the stats, but left the same picture up.

Second, somewhere in the middle of the game, they posted messages from the fans on the digital banner that circles the bottom of the giant screen. There was of course the usual “Happy 10th Birthday to…”, but right near the end one message read “Happy Birthday to Me, you’re awesome.”

It was a fun night, despite losing the game…and at least the Canucks got a point for the tie.

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