Caricature – Rob

Rob with paintingI don’t know how many times I’ve told myself, “I don’t do enough caricatures”. They’re not the easiest drawings/paintings to do, but they’re a lot of fun!

With a family my size, we’ve been drawing names for Christmas for years. This year I drew Rob’s name. I was debating what to get him for Christmas, right up until the painting was half finished (I wasn’t overly confident that it would turn out – “I don’t do enough caricatures”). And believe me, if I scanned the sketches I made from the low resolution Facebook pictures, or the ones from pictures taken with a flash with him looking straight at the camera (all the shadows are gone)…you would understand why I was nervous about it turning out. This painting was actually by combining three different photos of him.

But in the end I was quite happy with the way he turned out…maybe I’ll do more!

Rob_christmas 09He’s actually not the first brother I’ve done a caricature of…I did this pencil sketch for my brother Gary’s birthday. I like the way he turned out too…


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