Cat vs Robot part I

Last week I mentioned that I was going to work on a drawing that was actually¬† planned out (Daily Drawing 110). Part of my ‘mandate’ with the usual daily drawings is that I just start to draw in pen and see what creatures come out. With no planning and no way to erase my lines, there are certain challenges with drawing that way. For a change, I want to take a drawing through to a finished painting, either digital or acrylic, and take my readers through the steps.

So after some suggestions, I’ve decided the subject of this project will be a giant flying cat fighting a giant robot. It was the idea of the flying cat that really got the hamster wheel turning.

Normally I would start with planning out a composition, but sometimes I just need to get an idea out of my head before I can move forward. This time, the idea stuck in my head was, of course, the flying cat.

So the other night I grabbed my sketchbook and started doodling.

The first sketch was not what I wanted at all…sometimes it takes a few minutes to get going, with each new sketch unlocking a new idea.

Flying cat_v1As much as I didn’t like this first sketch, it did make me ask a question…who’s the ‘good guy’ in this battle? The cat or the robot?

Flying cat_v2Anyone who has had a cat attack their toes knows that cats can attack with speed and ferocity, and yet they just freeze when picked up by the scruff of their neck…what would happen if that’s where the wings are? It would kind of defeat the whole idea of a flying attack cat.

Flying cat_v3

Perhaps if the cat was so fat it could hardly fly?

Flying cat_v4what if the wings were farther down the back of the cat? Cats are so flexible…and lazy, would it just slump down from the wings?

Flying cat_v6There’s a lot of fun to be had with flying cats. But I like the idea of the cat’s wings lifting him by the scruff of the neck. Of course there’s still other questions. Is there a rider on the cat? What kind of wings would a cat have? Like a bat’s wings?

Flying cat_v8aPerhaps they would be bird-like?

Flying cat_v8b

or would it make more sense to add some technology? …after all he will be fighting a robot.

Flying cat_v9

Yes, I just asked if it would make more sense if a flying cat was wearing some sort of jet pack. Of course, if we go high tech on the cat, we should probably update the warrior’s outfit…so many questions…should be a fun project!

Part II

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