Daily Dragon 08 – Madaus Part II


As soon as I drew Madaus, I knew I had to colour him…but is he cool enough to replace “Felix” as my favourite creature?

‘Madaus’ was coloured using Photoshop. I started by duplicating the background layer and setting that duplicated layer to multiply.


I filled the background layer with a blue for the sky.


I created a new layer between the line and background layer. Then selected the cloud areas and filled them with rendered ‘clouds’.

10I29_Madaus_C02Right away I realized I wanted to push the clouds back, so I went into the line layer and erased all the lines around the clouds. Then back to the cloud layer and added a ‘Gaussian Blur’ to soften them a bit more.

So now I have the background, clouds, and line layers. I’m going to add another layer below the lines, set it to ‘multiply’ and start adding volume to the dragon’s body by starting with the shadows on his underside.  I used the healing brush to give him a bit of texture.


Now I’m going to add another layer, set the mode to ‘overlay’, and start adding highlights.


Karen likes purple, so Madaus is purple. I add another layer for the colour and play with the modes until I find a balance I like.


One last layer for the yellow highlights. Again I’ll  play with the modes until I find a combination I like.

When I was satisfied I merged all the layers of the dragon, cleaned up the edges a bit, and added a slight glow to him.

Finally I added a little noise to the image to bring it all together.

10I29_Madaus_C07Any questions? feel free to contact me…


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