Daily Dragon 25 – The Bartender

Warren over at “Thedoodledaily” has launched a challenge to collect doodles from all over the world. I love the idea and sent today’s dragon in as my entry. I’ve always been a doodler, I did this one while watching “Castle” last night.

To me, a doodle is letting the subconscious do all the drawing. In fact, as I played on this image, after I had added the guitar and drum, I started thinking about what else I should have him playing (a keyboard)…as soon as I realized I was planning a keyboard, I realized I couldn’t draw the keyboard in there. Obviously there was some ‘planning’, in that this is a dragon…but I’m going to call that ‘artistic license’


2 thoughts on “Daily Dragon 25 – The Bartender”

  1. Thanks for the mention here and for submitting a dragon. I check my challenge e-mail when I get home, so I will post it then. I also put a link to this page on my “Spreading the word” post. Thanks for being part of the “World Doodle Challenge” feel free to send in more dragons.
    The Doodle Daily

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