Daily Dragon 29 – Bayani and Brew Part II

“Bayani and Brew”

It has taken a couple weeks to get back to “Bayani and Brew” but I’ve finally got them ready to go! I’ve even gone so far as to create a store where you can buy a “Bayani and Brew” print!!!! I’ll be adding more of my dragons to the store as I get them to where I’m happy with them.

Adding colour to this piece took a little longer than I thought it would. Dealing with the spikes all over Bayani had a lot to do with that. Working around other jobs played a big part as well.

Another problem I had to over come in going from the drawing to the finished digital painting was dealing with the middle seam of my sketchbook that left a light line up the middle of my drawing. Oh well…the things I have to deal with!

I thought I would work with a little colour in the background this time around instead of the usual 50% grey.

Before getting into the details I roughed in the shadows.

Then I started working on the lines, softening and cleaning them up…(the difference is noticeable in the lower neck of Bayani)

Once I was happy with the lines, I started in on the highlights.

Then I added more colour and started in on the background…the ‘castle’ in the next photo is ruins I took a picture of on a vacation a few years ago.

I almost left the image as it is above, but it didn’t feel quite right. I had to leave it for a while and come back.

I tried a few different things, printing out the options to see how they looked on paper, until I came up with a background I was finally happy with. (with much more colour!)

I even thought about making the dragon and dog into a sign:

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