Daily Dragon 32 – Bosco Part II

When I first drew Bosco I knew I’d have to revisit him in colour and boy did I have fun with him. The inspiration for Bosco’s pattern was coral snake, so I knew he’d be bright and colourful right from the start. But finding a nice colour balance with the size of the wings was a bit of a trick. I tried several different combinations before deciding on this one.

The dragon was easy. For the most part I knew which colours I’d use, next I had to tackle the background. The funny thing about my sketches…I’m sketching characters, and not really thinking of their environments. So when I come back in with colour and have to add a background in behind a sketch, it usually throws me for a loop.

This time around I went back to some photos I had taken on a sailing trip through the islands off the coast of Vancouver. I found a picture I had taken of a cool tree growing out of the rocks a few feet from the water. I cropped the photo, and started playing with the colours. It didn’t take long to realize that the image I was creating could stand alone without the dragon. So when I was finished with this Bosco image I went back to the photo and pushed it further. To finally come up with “Westcoast Shores

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