Daily Dragon 63 – Dennis

Drawing 228

It was another busy weekend, which when I was younger would have meant partying until 3am on Friday and Saturday night, plus playing hockey on Sunday night. Now it means partying until midnight on Friday so we have time to catch the last skytrain home, then spending the rest of the weekend trying to recover.

Friday night was great fun, my brother Terry came down from the Okanagan with tickets to the Oilers/Canucks game. Even though he was wearing his Oilers jersey, we had a lot of fun at the game. Terry was heckled through out the game by the 9 year old Kesler fan sitting next to us, (Kesler scored a hat-trick for the Canucks) and I just sat back and laughed with every Canuck goal.

After the game we were off to Kenny Loggins night at my friend Chloe’s place. Chloe shares her birthday with singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins, so every year she celebrates in his honour. Yup, nothing like a night of Footloose and Danger Zone…among other craziness.

Then I spent the rest of the weekend recovering.

But today, today will be something completely different. This Monday morning, Karen and I have been invited to a wedding. The cool thing about this wedding…the bride is Sihk, the groom is Maori. Can’t wait to see how that translates into a ceremony!

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