Daily Dragon 82 – Miguel

Drawing 247

I apologize for the quality of this scan. I was  using a 2H pencil on the plane, and I never went back to this one to darken the lines. I used photoshop to adjust the image a bit, but I could have done better with a little more time.

Miguel was drawn on the first leg of the flight from Vancouver to Miami. I originally was going to draw him surfing on the plane…and I may come back to that idea. But we didn’t name ‘Miguel the Dragon’ until after the cruise. The name jumped out at us after the cruise because a ‘Miguel’ played an important part in both our excursions.

Our first excursion was in Costa Maya, we decided to go the long route to a lesser visited Mayan ruin site. Turned out to be a great choice, the ruins were awesome, and because it was a two hour bus ride to the ruins we virtually had the site to ourselves. (Miguel was our bus driver, Jesus was our guide)

My only complaint…we could have used a few more minutes to explore on our own.

The ruins we visited are called Kohunlich, here’s just a few of the shots I took…

The highlight of the Kohunlich Ruins is the Temple of the Masks, featuring giant stone Mayan faces! The faces are under a roof to protect paint that still clings to spots on the stone.

The rock wall at the bottom of the image below used to feature another mask, but that was stolen many years ago.

If you get a chance, I would highly recommend visiting this site. The trip was worth the bus ride.

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