Daily Drawing 110 – Thurston II

10C10_Thurston III needed a break from work yesterday, I wanted to do something fun. So I thought I’d revisit Thurston and play with colour. It was fun to just play for a while. Until I went to do the final save…halfway through the saving process I get a ‘scratchdisk’ error.

I was hoping that being a ‘scratchdisk’ error, it didn’t affect the actual saved file. But to be safe, I took a screen sh0t of Thurston, so I’d at least have something to post today. Then shut down the computer and went to bed.

Got up this morning and the computer never fully shut down, froze on the restart…ugh! Finally got it going, and found that the saved file was not only safe, but that I had actually saved it before trying the last effect, so I only lost 30 seconds of work! Thank god for saving regularly!


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