Daily Drawing 127 – Baracus

10E31_Baracus_v10Today’s daily drawing is a little different! I spent some time on the weekend trying something new…For this daily drawing, I wanted to colour him in a more painterly style, to get rid of the black lines I’ve become so dependent on.

I started with my regular drawing. (This is the simplified version of how I arrived at the final image.)

10E31_Baracus_v1Using Photoshop, I duplicated the background image, and set the duplicate to “Multiply”. The background layer I filled with a gradient.

Next I created a new layer where I’m going to do most of my work (I’ll call it the working layer). I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve tried this method, so there’s a lot of experimenting left to do.

Then I selected the character and filled the selection on the working layer with the same gradient as the background, just in the opposite direction.

At this point I duplicated the drawing layer, turned off the duplicate and merged the drawing layer with the working layer. (The drawing layer that is now invisible is for reference later, just in case…)

10E31_Baracus_v2I started in with the horns and the head plate. Mostly using a brush with a low opacity (about 35%), and the hardness varied from 0% to 55%.

If I was to do it again, I’d probably work rougher over the whole character to start, rather than going from section to section.

10E31_Baracus_v3The other two tools I used a fair amount was the smudge tool and the ‘heal’ brush. The ‘heal’ brush was invaluable as a blending tool.

I set the ‘heal’ to pattern, and selected a low intensity cloud pattern I had saved earlier. For a more detailed description of this technique, I suggest reading, “Digital Character Painting Using Photoshop CS3

I wasn’t happy with the colours I had chosen for the horns, so I created a new layer and experimented with a few new colours at various opacities until I found one I liked.

10E31_Baracus_v4From here, I just worked over the entire body blending, healing, and sometimes erasing…I also cropped the image ever so slightly as the black border from the scan was interfering with the process.

10E31_Baracus_v5Baracus was starting to look pretty good…as far as big ugly monsters go.

10E31_Baracus_v7There was a few things I wanted to do yet. I used a low opacity blue-green to deepen the shadows, I added some texture to the monster’s skin and I needed a background. I wasn’t sure what to do with the background at first. I checked a few photos I had on my computer and found one I had taken at an outdoor wedding in Summerland’s Research Station garden’s.

I used the crop and clone stamp tool to get rid of the groom, and then inserted the foliage shot that was left into my picture, just above the original gradient background fill.

As a bright photo, it totally dominated the scene, I couldn’t have that. the focus should be the monster. I played with layer’s setting until I finally settled on “Luminosity” with an opacity of 24%.

Finally I added a slight outer glow around my monster.

10E31_Baracus_v10I have to admit, this was a lot of fun. I’ll definitely have to colour another monster soon.

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