Daily Drawing 154 – Princess

10H02_PrincessI had a great time playing with my nieces and nephews over the long weekend in the Okanagan. At one point we were down at Sunoka beach wrestling in the water, I had one nephew on my back, one hanging off my left arm and a niece hanging off the right arm. I couldn’t even escape from them under water, as they can hold their breath for as long as I can.

Towards the end of the swimming session, I told my niece that I was going to grab her towel because I had forgotten to bring one.

I raced up the beach and grabbed the one towel I was sure was her’s. A bright pink towel with a giant picture of Cinderella on it. One of the boys, being a typical little boy at that age where girls are ‘icky’, asked with disgust “why are you using that towel, it’s a girl’s towel?” Turns out the towel wasn’t my niece’s it was a spare towel brought from home, so my attempt to bug my little niece had to be turned on my little nephew. It was easy enough to get under Parker’s skin, he would run away if I even came close to him with the towel.

Even back at the house, being an uncle that enjoys stirring the pot, any chance I got, I tried to give the ‘Princess towel’ to Parker…and he would have nothing to do with it. (I may have scarred him for life)

So today’s drawing is for Parker, and is so named “Princess”.

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