Daily Drawing 268 – Bun-a-tor

So I started today’s sketch while I was sitting in the dentist’s chair…two hours of sitting in the dentist’s chair. Starting at 8am. Not the best way to start the day. Although I have to admit, my dentist is awesome. I could barely feel a thing as she drilled and ground away years of abuse.

It only seemed natural that while sitting in the chair waiting for the freezing to take, that I should start drawing a mouth full of big teeth! I didn’t think I would be nervous, yet it took a few minutes to settle down and draw. I think it was the possibility of the root canal that kept me on edge. Luckily, there was no root canal today…but I do have to go back in two weeks.

…I added Pablo when I got home. Bun-a-tor needed something to threaten…Originally, I was thinking maybe he should have been Frogman’s nemisis!

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