Daily Drawing 281 – Corigan

I just noticed that I have about 5 pages left in this sketchbook. Why is that noteworthy? Each of my daily drawings is drawn in alternating sketchbooks. I started out with 3 or 4 moleskin sketchbooks, but now I have 11 on the go.

It started out as a fun little project, thinking I’d fill up a sketchbook and give it to someone (I won’t say who…after all, I haven’t filled any of the books up yet). But as I added more sketchbooks, the time between drawing in the original sketchbook grew. Now, as of “Corigan”, this particular sketchbook is only one month shy of three years worth of drawings.

Each of these sketchbooks have become their own unique time capsule of not just my drawings, but a few of my nephews and nieces. I’m glad I’ve kept it up, and I think I’ll have to go out and get a replacement sketchbook on the weekend…

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