Daily Drawing 290 – Kamapua’a

For today’s god, I’ve gone a little different route and picked the Hawaiian pig god Kamapua’a. The description I found of Kamapua’a made him out to be amourous and warlike, with a pig’s body and human hands and feet…ummm…yeah, that’s interesting! He carries a war-club, and that’s about all I found out about him. But for some reason he seems like a good segue into the weekend on Vancouver Island.

My brother invited me out for the Snow to Surf relay about a month before the race, it gave me a few weeks of running to try to improve my conditioning a bit. Unfortunately it didn’t work out as planned, I was not quite ready. But before I get to my leg of the race…let’s start with our first team-mate’s ski run.

The first member of our team to race was my nephew, and coincidentally, he was celebrating his 32 birthday. So  he decided he should make the run in his birthday suit – well…he did wear a jock strap so that we wouldn’t get disqualified.

The race started at about 9:30 and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Mount Washington was absolutely gorgeous, and seemed to still have enough snow that they could have been open to the public, even though the season ended the weekend before.

After the downhill leg of the race, the wristband carried by the skier is passed off to a cross country skier. (we made sure that Erik was wearing the wristband on his wrist) Of course, Erik’s choice of attire got him a loud chorus of cheers which made it a little hard for him to find his team-mate in the crowd of waiting skiers.

We picked Erik up and headed down the road to drop off the first runner. The size of the snow banks next to the road was rediculous for this time of year! (I took this next picture the day before, when we drove up to get our race supplies – the day of the race, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky)

My leg of the race was the second run, and it was not what I expected. The race takes us from the top of Mt. Washington to sea level…which means there is a huge change of altitude for most of the racers. Unfortunately I couldn’t train for the higher altitude I started at, so I was struggling right from the start of my run until today. That much downhill running takes a toll on your legs!

I was happy with my time, under 40 minutes for 8.5kms…for a guy that doesn’t actually do that much running is pretty good.

Once I passed the wristband off, we lost contact with our racer as he took his mountain bike through a route that didn’t really allow us to follow him. So, we had to take a break and head back to the house for lunch, and wait.

It actually wasn’t that long before my brother rode in from his race, and we headed out to the finish line…and the beer garden.

It was a really fun event with about 175 teams…I hope to do it again next year…even though I’m still having trouble walking today.

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