Daily Drawing 317 – Nelson

Dragon 121 –  I haven’t really written much about my drawings in a long time. I’m getting lazy with the writing, but at least I’m still drawing whenever I can!

Here’s a bit about the series of sketches I’ve been posting.

First off, there’s a shadow line down the middle of almost all my drawings. I carry around a moleskin sketchbook, well one of about a dozen sketchbooks that I alternate drawing in. So the line in the drawing is due to the fact that all the drawings are spread out over two pages of these books. If there’s no line, then most likely, the drawing isn’t in my sketchbooks. Unless it’s a digital painting where I’ve photoshopped the line out and added colour.

The sketchbooks themselves, are a collection of about a dozen moleskin sketchbooks I’ve been using for years, some of them have work spanning four years already! And one of the books is only pages away from being completed…which means I’ll be looking for a replacement soon.

Some artists I’ve talked to have an anxiety about making that first mark on a fresh page of a brand new sketchbook…it’s not a problem when that first drawing will be part of an ongoing series of drawings connected with the other sketchbooks.

What I’ll do with the sketchbooks after they are full is another story for another day.

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