Daily Drawing 325 – Renyo

Dragon 129 – Last night I was at ‘The Black Keys’ concert, it was awesome – but I didn’t get to finish a drawing! Luckily I had this dragon waiting in the wings from a Sunday afternoon drawing session!

The Black Keys were fantastic, but I learned a few things about Deer Lake Park as a concert venue. Number one, if you want to drink alcohol…nurse those drinks, unless you’re there early, you won’t get a chance to go up for seconds…the line-ups were ugly. Since it was a Monday night, we weren’t out for a night on the town, we were there for some great music, and then home so Karen could make her 8am meeting.

The other thing about the venue…it is absolutely beautiful, with a lake on one side, trees all around, you might not even notice you’re in the middle of the city.

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