Daily Drawing 327 – Pearson

Dragon 131 – I just wanted to draw a bit of silliness with today’s dragon, he’s not my favourite dragon, but he was fun to draw.

I have to share another image today. As I was getting ready to call it a day at work yesterday, I glanced out the office window and saw a small white triangle floating down the Fraser river. It took me a few seconds to realized it was the bow of a boat, and another second to realize that the Canadian coast guard hovercraft was floating down river just meters away. I watched until they drifted out of sight of my window…it seems it wasn’t an easy recovery. At one time they had the boat about half out of the water, but it looked like the line securing the boat broke and it started to sink again. I can only hope that it was a derelict boat, and no one was hurt in the incident that led the boat to end up where it was.

Click on the image to see it full size…it’s easier to see the tip of the boat floating towards the hovercraft! The current in the river is incredible to watch…it may look tame in this photo, but that water is moving! I’ll try to upload the video later.

Here’s the hovercraft attempting to reposition itself in order to try to recover the boat a second time. I was reaching out over the airconditioner to get this image…

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