Daily Drawing 347 – Oliver

Dragon 151 – I had this guy virtually finished for last friday’s drawing, but I had two problems. One, we were on the road to our friends’ wedding in Kelowna, and two, I felt he needed something. So yesterday I added a thick outline and called him done. Oliver could probably use a bit more detailing, but it’s time to move on to the next drawing.


Living in the Vancouver area my wife and I have the luxury of not needing a car. We walk when we can and take transit the rest of the time…it’s better for us, and better for the environment. But given time restraints and scheduling, we had to rent a car to get us to the Okanagan for our friends’ wedding. We chose a fun little red Fiat for the trip. I’ve always wanted to try driving a small, efficient car – just to see if it’s something I would ever consider buying. But as much fun as it was to drive, if I have to choose between taking a suitcase or golf clubs/hockey gear for a trip, then the car isn’t for me.

The wedding we took in was held at Summerhill Winery in Kelowna. You could not have asked for a more beautiful location for the nuptuals, it was an absolutely gorgeous day, albeit a little warm for formal attire.

Okanagan Lake seen from Summerhill Winery, Kelowna

The bride and groom were glowing…

It’s always fun going back to the Okanagan, even on short trips. I have lots of family in the area, and each visit is never long enough.

This trip, Karen and I had a quick stop at the “Little Acre Fruitstand” just north of Summerland. I actually worked here one summer, many, many years ago. It has one of the most spectacular views you’ll find at a fruitstand…as well as Karen’s favourite brand of ice cream.

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