Daily Drawing 371 – Rufus

Dragon 175 – Rufus is a grumpy old dragon that doesn’t like having his picture taken.

A really late post today. We just got home from a quick trip back to the Okanagan. It was good to spend some time with my mom (and dad) especially after the week she had last week. It was also a great night on Saturday night, seeing friends I haven’t seen for ages at my long-time friend’s 40th birthday. (we were in Kindergarten together a long, long time ago)

As a side note – Karen and I got rid of our car years ago, because the transit system in Vancouver is good enough to get around without one. So I really have to thank our friend Chloe, who graciously lent us her car for the trip back to see my mom.

And now, after a quick nap and shower, we’re off to see ‘the Kills’ at the Commodore! I’m pretty sure that tomorrow’s dragon will be a late post too…don’t think I’ll get one drawn before I leave for the concert!

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