Daily Drawing 398 – Malik

Dragon 203 – Malik is not a dragon to be messed with, especially when he’s feeling a little under the weather.

So last weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I made a trip back to my home town to see my family. I was lucky enough to squeeze in an October round of golf…my first non-wii round this year.

I also caught my nephew’s first rep hockey game of the year…unfortunately they were quite badly outplayed by the visiting team. He didn’t let the loss get him down though.

The weekend was fun, and I’ll post more pictures after I have a chance to go through them.

But along with the fun came a downside…between the coughing nephew climbing all over me (not the goalie) and a ride to the Okanagan with a sick driver, and a few other relatives with sore throats, I picked up something that pretty much knocked me out for a couple days. I still have the cough, but I think I’m getting better now.


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