Daily Drawing 427 – Zippy

Dragon 230 – Somedays I run out of time when it comes to the writing portion of my blog. On these days you’ll notice only one or two short sentences about my drawings. Then I’ll get in a pattern of just writing one sentence and moving on. I forget that there is more to my drawings than just the drawings.

If you are a newer viewer to my blog, then I am sadly neglecting you. There are a few things I should be writing about more often.

For a few years now, I’ve been alternating my drawings in a set of sketchbooks. These aren’t meant to be finished drawings, they are just something to keep me drawing everyday. If I really like the way a drawing looks, I may create a digital painting around it…when I find time.

When a sketchbook is finished the sketches inside cover a period of about five years. That’s when I retire that book and start a new one in the rotation.

Currently, my dragon drawings are spread out in about a dozen sketchbooks.


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