Daily Drawing 433 – Minotaur

I just joined a weekly drawing challenge with the artists I work with. This week’s challenge was to draw a “mythological character in a story about overcoming a challenge”. I spent the first day just brainstorming, and I think it must have been the influence of @Minotaur_Man from twitter, but I just couldn’t think of anything to draw but the Minotaur. (@Minotaur_Man’s name is Paul Reid check out his work here)

At first I was going to draw the Minotaur as a student getting bullied at school (pun intended). But after some other sketches I just wasn’t happy with the look of the school-mates that were bullying him.

And as I was running out of time, I opted for an’ out-of-work Minotaur’ begging on the steps of the ancient temple. I thought that given the financial situation in Europe, and particularly Greece, this would be a fitting scene.

I tried a different technique for painting this one, and I wasn’t totally happy with the final picture. I think if I wanted to spend a little more time on it, I would have really worked on the lighting. But I had to pick my challenges and I had some household chores that took priority on the weekend.

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