Daily Drawing 555 – Pete

Dragon 357 – Pete the dragon hates to be confused with Pete’s Dragon.

Well, it was quite the weekend. After a few weeks of cleaning out all the hiding spots (aka storage closets) we finally had our garage sale.

Oh that was  a long day, leading into a longer weekend. I started packing the tables, chairs, boxes, and boxes, and boxes out at about 7:30am and we stayed out there selling until 4pm.  Dollar by dollar we plodded through the day, actually selling quite a bit.

Some things sold that I didn’t thing would sell, others that I thought would sell, didn’t. My biggest shock was that I only sold one book all day. I’m not sure whether that means that people just don’t read anymore, or the books I’ve read are crap.

By the time we finished clean up I was starting to feel it in my back muscles, and by Sunday I was laid up with back spasms all day.

So all the things I planned to do yesterday…including this blog post…have been delayed.

One day I hope to catch up…


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