Daily Drawing 565 – Louis

Dragon 367 – This is the first dragon in some time that I’ve wanted to write a story for. It would be a wild, crazy journey of a skittish dragon…

It’s late Sunday night, and this is the first time I’ve been on the computer all weekend. The reason? well…

It was a sad weekend this past weekend. As we said goodbye to my neighbour of 7 years as she prepares to move to Toronto later this week.

Ella has been a great neighbour, that has brought laughter and love into our lives and we hate to see her go. Toronto…get ready for hurricane Ella.

I can’t imagine our complex without her…in the very least, Halloween won’t be the same. On a broader scope, there’s such a wide spectrum of friends who have her as the common denominator that got together on Saturday night to send her off. I suspect that was the last gathering of all those particular friends. I hope it wasn’t…but Ella was the glue that brought us together.


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