Daily Drawing 571 – Elson

Dragon 373 – Elson is a playful dragon, more likely to play a joke on you than to attack.

As I mentioned yesterday, it was a long weekend in Canada this past weekend and with the weather being a little more like winter than summer weather, I finally had a chance to catch “The Avengers” at the theatre.

Despite the little kid running around the theatre stomping on popcorn, and the genius that didn’t shut off their phone (and instead of answering/shutting off, they let it go to voicemail…after ringing about 10 times) it was a very enjoyable movie.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but when face to face with ‘the hulk’ I certainly wouldn’t tell him “I’m a god”…best part of the whole movie.

Back to work today! Short week, which means I’m already behind…again…

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