Daily Drawing 572 – Domingo

Dragon 374 – Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! 

I thought I wouldn’t have a dragon ready for today. As it happens I missed posting this guy when it was his turn in the rotation. I have more of my daily drawings done, but didn’t have a chance to photograph them last night as I was dealing with a dead fridge.

Yup…my refrigerator decided to call it quits at about 9pm last night. Which meant I was scrambling to find a place to put all the food before it was ruined. Luckily my neighbour’s apartment is still empty and the landlord let us move all the food into that fridge!

I’m so glad our holiday was the first and not the fourth…or I’d be running back and forth between apartments for a couple days. Hopefully the repair guy will have ours fixed by quitting time!

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