Daily Drawing 650 – CJ

Dragon 451 – Every Christmas our family gets together and has a ‘goofy gift’ exchange. The gifts are supposed to be under $20…that’s really the only guideline. I’m sure a lot of people have similar things at parties over the Christmas season. First person opens a gift, next person can take that gift or open a new one. If you gift is taken, you might be able to steal a present from someone else, or you have to open a new one. There’s all kinds of variations.

This year I just didn’t have a chance to go and buy my gift. I had three different ideas picked out, but my schedule just didn’t work out. So as we were waiting for the last of the family to arrive, my sister convinced me to draw a dragon for the exchange. I had to be fairly quick…and I was constantly being harassed by my nieces.

Now I have to say, this is not a ‘gag gift’ so to speak…and because I figured since everyone knew exactly what my gift was, I would have to do something special. I went into an empty room (not easy to find in a house filled with 33 people), and wrapped my present putting the image face down in the frame.

At least there would be a risk as to whether I put the drawing in the frame, or it was just a blank piece of paper.


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