Daily Drawing 673 – Able

Dragon 474 – Able is slightly confused over where the dragons have gone!

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. Last week I came down with something, just a cold, nothing major. Just enough to knock me out all day Wednesday. I don’t get sick that often, and luckily, I never seem to get hit that hard. The worst of feeling sick is that it disrupts my schedule…and then I’m playing catch up…again.

Today is a new holiday to British Columbia called “Family Day”. So hopefully I can get a full day of work in to try to get me back on ‘schedule’…or at least to where I feel I’m on top of the pile of things that have to be done.

And isn’t always the way…I get behind, tons of work to do, and suddenly get the urge to redesign my website…look for changes on the horizon….or as soon as I get caught up 😉


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