Daily Drawing 678 – Carlyle & Emmett

Dragon 479 – Another busy weekend. I took Friday off to help my brother move…and then Saturday and Sunday to recover from the move. Saturday I was so stiff I could hardly get off the couch. I think I’m passed the age of helping friends move for the case of beer that comes with it.

But…given my back problems over the years from playing hockey, I was expecting to be laid up all weekend, so I’m looking at this as a win! (I was only mildly sore on Sunday)

Still, I think it’s time to refocus on my health and get running again.

To all my artist friends out there, don’t neglect your health. If you’re anything like me, you might spend hours and hours hunched over your work, barely noticing that lunch time has long past. Take your breaks! Get up from the desks/drawing tables/computer and stretch, walk around get that blood flowing!

Myself…I got to get back into yoga!


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