Daily Drawing 681 – Astor & Calvin

Dragon 482 – Each night Calvin’s dream dragon takes him on a new adventure in far away lands.

The observant visitor to my blog may notice that my daily drawings are not always on the same type of paper, that I must be drawing in more than one sketchbook.

I actually have about a dozen sketchbooks stacked beside my desk at any given time. Each day I take the top one, draw in it, then return it to the bottom of the pile. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

First, is that it’s a mental trick, by picking up a different book every day, it seems like it’s been 11 days (depending on the number of sketchbooks in the pile) since I’ve drawn. Basically it helps keep things fresh.

Second, I inherited a sketchbook from my aunt a few years ago, so I thought this might be a cool thing to one day give to my family. Of course coming from a family my size…it would take years to finish enough sketchbooks for everyone. Take today’s image for example. It’s on the last page of this particular sketchbook, and the first drawing in it is dated Dec. 4 ’06! It has six years of drawings in it…I hope that is a lot of improvement! This is about the fourth or fifth sketchbook I’ve filled in the last year…time to add a new one into the mix.


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