Daily Drawing 746 – 30 BC

Dragon 543 – 30 BC, the rise of the Mayans began with the dragon Quetzalcoatl and the boy warrior Iztali.

I knew I would be doing a Mayan dragon somewhere along this timeline, I just wasn’t sure where. At first I wasn’t going to name him Quetzalcoatl, but then I thought it would probably help with internet searches to have that name in there.

The idea of a “plumed serpent” is really cool. I was kicking myself with the placement of the dragon when I realized I didn’t leave a lot of room for the tip of the dragon’s tail. The sets of short wings along the serpent’s sides were my small addition to add a little interest to body. Whereas the head plume was more inspired by my hair in the 80’s. Quetzalcoatl, the Richard Marx of dragons.



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  1. OMG….now I can’t get the image of the Dragon singing “Right Here Waiting For You” out of my head. Move over muppets!

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