Daily Drawing 752 – 350 AD Rise of the Huns

Dragon 549 – The thing about fighting a thick skinned Sárkány is to have a weapon in both hands, the larger the better. Leave it to a young Attila to find a way to beat Blaedla.

The Huns are often mistaken for Mongols, but there’s quite some time before the Mongol Empire rises, and we will be there when it does!

The Huns eventually settled in an area that became part of Hungary, so it was from Hungarian mythology that I drew on for Blaedla, the Sárkány. Sárkány is their ‘dragon’ and it was unlike western dragons or eastern dragons. Apparently it was man-shaped and could ride a horse. Often with 7 heads, but could be found with 3, 12, or 21 heads. That was my starting point for this one, and I fell in love with the first cartoony sketch I did of the Sárkány. So that’s how I ended up here.

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