Daily Drawing 753 – 378 AD Visigoths

Dragon 550 – In 378 AD the Visigoths defeated the Romans in the battle of Adrianople. Some say they fought like dragons, others say they fought with dragons. Today’s drawing features Kunimund the dragon and Hathus the young warrior, two of the great warriors from that battle.

There’s no stirrups on the saddle because they haven’t been invented yet…the Chinese will invent them soon.

I couldn’t find a lot of information on dragons from the Visigoth mythology because Christianity did away with many of the old religions, virtually wiping out all signs and stories of them. Dragons do make a rare appearance in the Basque myths. One of the territories the Visigoths claimed. One in particular was named Herensuge, and was said to have seven heads. I didn’t feel like drawing 7 heads this time.




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