Daily Drawing 769 – 615 AD Palenque

Dragon 566 – At the young age of twelve, Pakal ascended the throne of the Maya city state Palenque.

This was a fun drawing. It started out as another “boy crowned before reaching his teens in the early 7th Century” drawing. Number 3 in that series so far, and there’s a few more to go. But…

Pakal was different. Unlike Sigebert II, Pakal did see his 13th birthday, in fact he lived to be 80 years old, and is known today as Pacal the Great. And there’s more! Pakal has also become known for another reason. Erich von Daniken (writer of Chariot of the Gods?) has proposed that the stone cover to Pakal’s sarcophagus depicts Pakal not on a spiritual journey, but rather on a physical journey…in a spacecraft. You know I had to work that into a drawing.

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