Daily Drawing 774 – 634 AD Merovingian Dynasty

Dragon 571 – Siggy the young king is not impressed with his pet.

I was reading a blog post today called Mythology 101 by Dave Warfield, and one of the points Dave made about French dragons caught my eye. Often dragons in French lore represented the pagans, the hero that slays the dragon represents Christianity.

As it turns out, today’s boy king (crowned at the age of 3), was elevated to sainthood. During his lifetime he built several churches, hospitals, monasteries and homes for the poor. Easy enough choice to represent Christians. But I could hardly draw the dragon as his friend. So I went with the broken, tamed dragon.

I found it really curious however, that this boy was elevated to sainthood, and yet he was also known as the first roi fainéant or “do-nothing king”. Seems like a bit of a contradiction to me. How does one do nothing, and become a Saint?

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