Daily Drawing 778 – 684 AD Japan

Dragon 575 – The appearance of the comet fortells of the coming of a giant celestial dragon. My apologies to Neil deGrasse Tyson. On Sept. 7, 684AD the moon would have been a last quarter moon, not a full one. (link) I didn’t think of cross checking that fact until after I drew the image.

I was struggling for a drawing subject today. Entry after entry in Wikipedia for the second half of the 7 th Century is this king killing that king, this kingdom battling that kingdom. I’m sure there are all kinds of cool battles and interesting facts hidden in those battles. But I just don’t have time to research each one. I had to go with Japan for today’s subject as I haven’t drawn a Japanese dragon yet.

On a cool note, I’ve noticed the first mention of Vikings coming up…I’m really excited to do a few Norse drawings.


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