Daily Drawing 791 – 834 AD Norway

Dragon 586 – Having lost his boat, Inge searches under the dragon’s mound only to find it is now a bed.

In the summer of 834 AD an ornate viking ship was interned in a burial mound in Norway. It lay hidden for centuries until discovered by a pair of archaeologists; Norwegian Haakon Shetelig and Swede Gabriel Gustafson in 1904-1905. It is in great condition, and beautifully carved. It is known as the Oseberg Ship.

Sorry for my absence of late. I took a quick trip to my home town to show off my baby to friends and family. I was running around so much that I didn’t even have a chance to take my sketchbook out of the trunk of my car. By the time I got back I was going into sketching withdrawals!

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