Daily Drawing 792 – 835 AD Ragnar

Dragon 587 – Ragnar battles a poison breathing dragon.

Ragnar Lodbrok/Lothbrok/Loðbrók (main character of The History Channel’s “Vikings”) although there’s some debate whether Ragnar actually existed, 835AD is the time he reportedly rose to power.

Loðbrók means “Hairy Breeches” in Old Norse, and was supposedly given to Ragnar long after he died. The “Hairy Breeches” comes from a 13th Century story called “Ragnar’s Saga” in which Ragnar wears cowhide pants boiled in pitch and rolled in sand while fighting a dragon. (source)

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. My affectionately named “Little monkey” has been a handful for this past week as he has entered the ‘purple crying‘ phase of his development. Which means he’s a handful at the best of times.

The little monkey…

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  1. Love this drawing, and on the same day I wrote Episode 9 of Mythology 101 on Norse Mythology. Congrats on the little monkey

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