Daily Drawing 793 – 841 AD Dyflinn (Dublin)

Dragon 588 – Blackpool the dragon and Hasculf set up camp in a beautiful spot…that will eventually become the city of Dublin.

A few dragons ago I posted about the town of Clondalkin which is situated about 10 kms west of Dublin. But back then Dublin may not have existed. There’s no dispute in the vikings setting up a settlement there in 841 AD, but there appears to be evidence of a Christian ecclesiastical settlement called Duiblinn at the same site before the vikings set up camp.

Whatever version of the name existed at the time, it means “Blackpool”. Which seemed like a good name for the dragon this round, but in reality it actually referred to a tidal pool that formed by the River Poddle which flows through the area.


It seems like so long since I’ve been able to draw, my son Bram is taking any time I can give him. While I’m not complaining, he’s quite cute and cuddly at 6 weeks old, I have to get back into the drawing mindset. Hopefully that means taking more time over the next few days to sketch.

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