Daily Drawing 794 – 851 AD London

Dragon 589 – As the Vikings drew closer to London, they faced the city’s guardian.

851 AD – Vikings plunder London and Cantebury.

I couldn’t think of something I could reference for London of the 9th Century, but a quick google search of ‘London dragon’ turned up some cool statues that mark the boundaries of the city. The statues are based on a couple of dragons that were designed by J.B. Bunning and made in 1849. The B in J.B. stands for Bunstone, the name of today’s dragon, and the dragon’s look is based on the boundary markers that were set up in 1964.

I may have stolen a super reference from a potential 1800’s London sketch to make this drawing, but at the rate I’m drawing these days…there’s a good chance I’m a year or so away from any 19th Century sketches.

I am going to make an effort to draw more this week. Last week was such a write off! I woke up a week ago with a really sore neck and arm that killed all my production for days! I can still feel a little stiffness in my neck, but it’s nothing like before. I think I just needed to catch up on sleep and rest my arm a bit.




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