Daily Drawing 796 – 861 AD Paris

Dragon 591 – From the river Seine, Hrolf and Ingvard lay havok on Île de la Cité, Paris.

Today’s dragon’s name is a tip of the hat to the talented illustrator Ingvard the Terrible.

I learned something new! again!

In the 9th Century (due to attacks on the city of Paris) the remains of St. Marcel (St. Marcellus, 9th bishop of Paris – died around 430 AD) were moved to the Île de la Cité. The cult of St. Marcel was started, and he became a patron saint of Paris.  The kicker, to tie everything together, his sainthood came out of the miracle of him killing a dragon (or scaring off – depending on the story) to save the city.

St. Marcellus was a tough saint to find info on, but I found a link for more info on St. Marcellus <–click here!

Île de la Cité plays an important role in a skirmish with the vikings in the 880’s…so we will be back here soon.

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