Del – Part II

I finally found some time to finish painting Del last weekend and then went on to realize that there were five other more important things on my to-do list that I had totally forgotten about.

I have been really busy, but it’s a good busy. My newest challenge is designing toys, all the while trying to keep up with the web page concepts and illustrations. Add to that my dragons, and you see why they have to take a back seat to everything else.

My dragon paintings and drawings are something I do for fun. Something to keep me drawing everyday and exploring new painting techniques. So I guess I should say they’re for fun and personal growth. So I really do try to set aside some time everyday to work on them.

Back to Del the Dragon. (He first appeared back on Mar 28)

I picture Del as the Eeyore of dragons. He’s a gloomy guy that feels the weight of the world on him. But instead of living in the Hundred Acre Wood, Del lives in a dry desert. So I wanted to create a sandstorm feel with his environment.

As a side note, like Eeyore, Del loves thistles. When he can find them.

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