Don’t Blink!

I couldn’t resist the Dr. Who reference…

When I spotted this statue on the cathedral in Lyon, I knew immediately that I had to photoshop the cigarette into the photo.

I loved my visit to France, the people were awesome, the sites we visited were phenominal. The one thing that bothered me was the smoking. Visiting from British Columbia, where the law states:

It is against the law to smoke in any indoor public place or worksite, including pubs, bars, restaurants, and shopping centres. Designated smoking rooms are non-existent, and public transit, transit shelters, taxis and work vehicles are also smoke-free.

In addition, there is a 3 metre non-smoking “buffer zone” around public and work place doorways, opening windows and air intakes including apartments and condominiums. Click here to learn more about BC’s Tobacco Laws.

Additional City of Vancouver Tobacco Laws

In addition to the provincial restrictions described above, the City of Vancouver is putting more stringent health by-laws into effect. The City of Vancouver bylaw bans smoking on restaurant/bar patios and bans smoking within 6 meters of doors/windows, as well as 6 meters from customer service areas, including patios. (source)

As well as:

Metro Vancouver also introduced a smoking ban in 33 regional parks in January. (source)

You can imagine, after getting used to virtually smoke free air, visiting a country where cafe and restaurant tables are packed so close you’re rubbing elbows with the people at the next table…and there’s a good chance they’re smoking, and if they’re not, the people at the next table are.

I have to admit, it put a damper on more than one great meal…but I’d still go back in a heartbeat.


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