Dr. Seuss Inspired Centerpieces Part II

fish_55In yesterday’s post, I started to describe the way I made the centerpieces for my wedding reception…

With the substructure skeleton made, I took a chunk of Sculpey polymer clay worked it until it was soft, then rolled it out to about half an inch thick. Once it’s wrapped around the skeleton, it’s time to play!

fish_21The fish is starting to take shape.

fish_23With the basic fish complete, I added the eyes and mouth…

fish_24When the fish is ready, he goes into the oven. I learned from mistakes on the first set of fish.

Rule number one…take the plastic straw out of the fish’s hand.

Rule two…put the fish back into the glass fishbowl for baking, and apply a slight pressure to him. The arms get forced back onto the edge of the glass bowl creating a little lip that allows the fish to ‘lock’ into place later.

Rule three… put the fishbowl with fish on a cookie sheet (in case he tips over…that happened to me) in the cool oven.

Set the temperature to 275 Degrees F. when the temperatures reaches 275, set timer for half an hour.

After the time is up shut off oven and allow fish/sculpture to cool in the oven…at least that’s what got the best results for me! Under baking the clay results in a very brittle sculpture.

Once the sculpture cooled, I started to paint…first coat looks a little messy…

fish_25Now that we have the fish, the bowl and the flowers…what else do we need.

At first I wanted to find a resin of some sort to pour in the bowl and hold the fish in place. If I had more time and more resources I may have been able to find something that would have worked. Unfortunately after checking the art stores and hardware stores in my area I couldn’t find a suitable resin.

I had to find another option.

We finally found a product called “Water Jewels”, they’re not a permanent solution, but they’d work well for the wedding.

They’re tiny pellets when dropped in water expand to be about marble sized.

Fishbowl_01After a couple hours…

Fishbowl_02After all the water has been absorbed…

Fishbowl_03Next…putting it all together in Part III.

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