Dr. Seuss Inspired Centerpieces Part III

fish_30Ok, so I have the fish, the flower, and the fishbowl all ready to go…now what?

I couldn’t just put the fishbowl in the center of the table, it needed something to give it some pop!

I still had some different coloured papers around the house, so I thought I’d experiment to see I could get some ideas.


The paper wasn’t doing it for me, so I thought I’d try again with something circular. I found I liked that better than the paper, but it was just too dark.

fish_44So then I went back to the paper, but in a tighter pattern.

fish_46When I tried the same pattern in blue, I felt I was on to something…

fish_47But if I was going with blue…why not do a water splash pattern?

…and that was the inspiration I was looking for!

fish_50I have to admit, I had no idea what I was doing when I started. After all, this was my first foray into making wedding centerpieces. I was happy to see the reaction the pieces received.

Which left one last question…what do I do with all the centerpieces after the wedding?

Next Post…the competition.

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