Daily Drawing 750 – 273 AD China, Three Kingdoms

Dragon 547 -An-Lung and Xuan look on certain that the war of the Three Kingdoms is finally over.

So I just realized there was a lot going on in China in the 3rd Century. It was a  period called the Three Kingdoms Era. The collapse of the Han dynasty left a hole that three different kingdoms were trying to fill. The three kingdoms was a war era and the death of general Lu Kang in 273 AD finally brought an end to the wars. Trying to figure out what the actual costumes of the period was a little harder for my one hour research time, just because there are all kinds of media out there for this time period, and it’s hard to tell what’s based on reality…not that it matters too much, I am after all drawing a little boy and dragon.

Some sketches take longer than others, and some I wish I had more time to work on.

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