Europe 1993 – Sketchbook

Barcelona Dragon

A look back at some sketches from my trip to Europe in 1993. This image was drawn from the Cascade Fountain in Barcelona.

Back in late 1992 to early 1993 my friend Chad and I toured around Europe. I was looking for something to post for ‘retro monday’ and came across some images from the sketchbook I took with me. It was a fantastic trip, and these are just a few of my favourite drawings from that time, I may have to dig out my photo album and scan in some of my favourite photos at a later date.

Camel_EphesusWhile in Turkey, we decided to tour Ephesus – the ruins of an ancient city (mentioned in the bible). It just so happened that on that weekend, they had opened the arena area of the city for a camel wrestling festival. It was the first time the officials had allowed this to happen in recent history, and we were lucky enough to stumble on to it.

I will try to find some photos of the actual event because it was something to behold.

While we were walking through the ruins, one of the camels was standing by the ruins…I had to draw it.

lighthouseThis lighthouse is in Chania, Crete. I absolutely loved the character of it simply because it looked like it was ready to fall over.

Drawing_01The final image for today is the ruins of a statue found in the National Archaeology Museum of Athens.

I’ve got some fond memories of that trip, I just wish I had taken the time to do more drawings.

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